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Recent Projects

State Company for Fertilizers (SCF) - Iraq Facilities Audit & Rehabilitation Planning for Compressors & Turbines

SCF decided to go ahead with the rehabilitation project in 2008 with a financial support from Japanese government (Japanese International Corporation Agency JICA).

Over last five years, urea production has stayed at the level of less than 30% capacity (300,000 ton per year instead of 1,000,000 t/y). the production capacity is affected due to bottlenecks in compressor(s) and deficient performance of other equipment.

IDCOE conducted a comprehensive site survey and engineering study and currently they are working with both SCF and Dresser Rand to develop the project.

North Refineries Company (NRC) - Iraq Dry Gas Seal Retrofit for Recycle Gas Compressor 06K01

NRC (the largest refinery in Iraq) has awarded IDCOE in 2014 a turnkey upgrade project for one of the most important process gas multi-stage compressor located in North refinery Model 553B4.

The project is to develop old sealing system which is oil seal type to dry gas seal by implementing the latest technology of one of IDCOE major principals (DRESSER-RAND), a pioneering company in providing rotating equipment engineering solutions for Oil & Gas industry.

This project is planned to put in run within 2014, IDCOE technical team will conduct the service field activity supported by DRESSER-RAND.

North Oil Company (NOC) - Iraq Upgrade the Dry Gas Seal System Retrofit

North Oil Company (NOC) is one of IDCOE's key clients in IRAQ, Dresser-Rand has 15 turbo compressors (Mainly B-Line and M-line) already installed and running.

IDCOE/D-R was invited by NOC to assist in evaluating oil sealing system for those machines and to recommend a solution to eliminate the frequent sealing problems.

Dresser-Rand’s Engineering Solution Group along with on-site IDCOE Technical Team has conducted site survey and engineering analysis. NOC is advised to upgrade to Dry Gas Seal system (DGC), this is supported by a feasibility study and budgetary proposal outlining the value proposition.

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